What is Personal Productivity?

Increasing productivity has become a cultural obsession. People want to get stuff done more efficiently to be better, faster, smarter, richer, or just to free up more time for things they enjoy. But people rarely discuss what productivity really means.

In the traditional sense, productivity is about maximizing outputs, increasing profits, or both. But in the modern sense, when we say “productivity,” we often mean “personal productivity.”

Personal productive is ultimately about achieving goals.

A goal could be anything from making more money in a business (as in the traditional sense of the word), to getting a nine-to-five job done faster so that a parent has mental and physical resources left at the end of the day to pursue personal interests. Some people want to get out of the office faster to spend more time with their families. Some people want to have energy left at the end of the day to put two hours of work into writing a movie script.

On a personal level, being your most productive self means:

  • thinking about what you aspire to get done,
  • figuring out what you are physically capable of getting done in an optimal environment, and
  • following through on creating an optimal environment and completing the necessary tasks to achieve your goals.

The follow-through is usually the problem.

ProductivityReport.org is designed to give people real actionable information based on facts and data from research that they can use to create an optimal environment and follow through on completing their tasks.