Work-Life Boundaries: Don’t Overthink It

When it comes to managing work-life boundaries, don’t overthink it. Doing so could hurt your productivity. Those of us who care about maintaining a clear work-life balance usually create boundaries for ourselves. How we create and enforce those boundaries, however, and how much we think about them could be counter-productive. Recharge! Not everyone credits work-life… Read More Work-Life Boundaries: Don’t Overthink It

Your Shitty Weekend is Ruining Your Productivity

Having a shitty weekend hurts your productivity come Monday morning. Two professors, Charlotte Fritz and Sabine Sonnentag, collected surveys from emergency service workers before, during, and after the weekend to try and analyze the effects of what happened over the weekend on their work performance, as well as their health. They looked at three things:… Read More Your Shitty Weekend is Ruining Your Productivity